Who Wants to Win Audrey?

  I’ve been reading a lot of about this hard to find diaper and wondering how I would keep selling them on our site fair and not frenzied. I don’t like the rushed crazy sales of items like this. Instead, I wanted to reward our customers who we love so much and really like toContinue Reading

A Letter to My Daycare Provider

Dear Ms. Robin, Words cannot describe how much you have meant to me over the past four years. Now, as PK finishes his time with you, my heart breaks that coming to your house and pulling in your driveway will not be part of my daily routine. When I moved back to Fayetteville to beContinue Reading

An open letter

To my friend waiting to meet her baby: I wanted to tell you that it’s okay. It’s okay that you’re afraid and anxious. It’s okay that you sometimes feel completely unprepared to mother this little human. It’s okay to be worried about how you’ll cope in labor, and when your baby will actually come. It’sContinue Reading

Nursing to the Fullest

By no means would I call myself a breastfeeding expert. I have, however, spent a GIGANTIC portion of my time as a mother with my boob in some (small) dude’s mouth. So, I guess I consider myself qualified to hand out a piece of advice or two. The mantra that keeps going through my headContinue Reading

accidental VBACtivism

Here’s the point when I forewarn my squeamish readers (mostly my dad), that I’m going to talk openly about vaginas today. Mostly mine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.   When I was pregnant with my oldest son, my biggest fear was that my vagina would be the one in a million that didn’t recoverContinue Reading

Ending My Breastfeeding Relationship

I didn’t even want to breastfeed. I was talking with my cousin about my newly discovered preggo status and she asked me. “Are you going to breastfeed?” “Oh nooooo. There is no way I’m going to have a baby hanging off my boobies. Gross.” Oh yeah. That was me. And if I saw you whipContinue Reading

If Breasts Could Talk… (By Medela)

I received this in my email today. I thought it had some good information I would share with all of you. Enjoy! ~MaliaContinue Reading

Things I Won’t Miss

Anyone who has ever had small children knows that real life doesn’t often imitate a baby shampoo commercial. The laughing tot in the tub probably just pooped underneath the cover of bubbles. I love my children, and I absolutely love being a mother, but there are some things I won’t miss for a split secondContinue Reading

A Letter To My Friend Who Just Lost Her Baby

Dear Friend, I don’t have to name you. You know who you are. And even though in my head you are a real person, for the person who is reading this, you have a different face. They may see their own face. They may see their sister. They may see their neighbor or their bestContinue Reading

Loving Downtown Fayetteville, NC

If you know me personally, you know that I love Downtown Fayetteville. But maybe you don’t know why. Since I’m always looking for things to write about in my blog I’ve decided to write a little series about Downtown Fayetteville: the shops, the people, the food and what I know and love about it. Let’sContinue Reading